Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harvard Business Review: "Being More Productive": "We believe napping drives productivity." says Tony Schwartz

According to the May 2011 Harvard Business Review article entitled, "Being More Productive", there are a few simple things you can do to increase your productivity.  Surprisingly, the answer isn't always pushing harder and working longer!  

David Allen, author of best seller Getting Things Done, believes in the power of making lists.  "Your head is for having ideas, not holding them.  Dumping everything out into a list can have a significant effect." David Allen

David encourages us to break large tasks into smaller actions.  That way we aren't overwhelmed by the amount of work it will take to get the large job done.  We simply take it step by step, crossing those actions off the list as we go!  

Tony Schwartz, author of best seller Be Excellent at Anything, believes in setting up rituals for yourself so you can just follow the pattern of your day without relying on your emotions to decide what to work on.  He also sees us as rhythmic beings, not as computers, performing best when we spend energy and renew it.  We encourage people to work intensely for 90 minutes and then take a break.  We believe napping drives productivity." Tony Schwartz

Napping?  Yes, it's true.  Even David Allen has a glass office so people can see him lying on his floor taking a nap for 20 minutes!  Well, we believe in the power of a good nap!  Good sleep is essential for strong physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Is your performance level weak?  This applies to those who work full-time jobs, of course.  It also applies to homemakers and moms.  Could you benefit from making lists of achievable actions, working for a time and then resting...on purpose...each day?  Try it!  Set up a general framework for your day and operate within it.  Try to avoid emotional decisions, "I don't feel like doing that right now", and instead just work, rest, work, rest.  You'll remove lots of mental stress, open up room in your brain to think and dream, and increase your self-esteem as your projects move along in the right direction!

Deb Long
CEO, The Hotel Pillow Company

You can find the whole article, Being More Productive in the May 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review.  Check it out!

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