Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! 
Rush! Rush! Rush! 
Go! Go! Go!

This is like a crazy cheer for our lives today.  Keep working!  Keep going!  Whatever you do, don't stop!

I've noticed the weary faces of many a "worker bee" in our beautiful state of Minnesota.  We have a strong work ethic here, it's true.  Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope and joy through the fatigue that marches across each of those faces.  Sometimes I don't.

Your face tells a story.  Caught unaware, it tells the true story of you!  How are you feeling? What is the status of your close relationships?  Are you happy?  Content?  Weary?

 I catch the eye of a familiar face in the crowds around town from time to time. When this has happens, there is an exchange.  The other person and I have to decide: should we wave and smile...or not?  Of course, waving and smiling is expected.  If we are close enough, there is the expectation of idle chit chat as well.  I'm sure mostly everyone welcomes this, right?  We love to be connected with one another at all times, right?  We love to share those waves and smiles to let everyone know that we are truly content and full of joy.  But is it true...or is it fake?

Should you fake a smile?  If your day or your attitude or your thoughts are less than welcoming, should you extend that big, fake grin?  We've all done it.  We've stretched that skin on our cheeks upward with extreme effort, pulled our lips back to reveal pearly whites, lifted our eyebrows ever so slightly as our eyes looked toward our target and time!!!  I wonder if it looks...scary!?!  

According to Whole Living Magazine, "A recent study at Michigan State University found that faking smiles throughout the day can lead to bad moods and withdrawal.  And the effect was more pronounced in women than in men.  If you don't feel like smiling, don't."

We can't all be happy all the time.  Maybe it's better to tell others that we're not happy at the moment.  Maybe it's better to receive support from a friend or even from a stranger, than to feel alone behind that fake smile.  Maybe that's where joy lies.  In truth.  

Smile!  Don't smile!  Just be true to yourself.  Who knows, you may end up smiling after all! :)

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