Thursday, March 17, 2011

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How Important Is a Father’s Role in a Child’s Life?

fathers-and-child-development I stepped into my favorite coffee shop for my morning cup of java.
Behind me a man carried a toddler on his shoulders,
bundled to brave the chilly Colorado morning.
“There’s chocolate, powdered sugar, and even sprinkled  
 You can chose whichever you’d like, buddy.”
The father gave his young son a donut education as they waited in line.
He spoke to his son with such adoration!
With so many absent fathers in the world, it’s encouraging to see
dads invest in their children.
As I watched this dad and his son enjoying their morning outing,
I couldn’t help but say,
“You’ve got yourself a real cute son there!”
With a huge smile and welling pride, he responded,
“Thanks! He’s also my best friend.”
What a pleasure for the young boy! What love he will have!
Imagine the difference this dad will make, even going as far as to say
his little toddler was his best friend.
 This child will grow up cherished.
On the other side of the world, in many East African cultures,
men are responsible for providing for the family and women are
responsible for domestic work within the home and, in particular,
 looking after children.
But our staff knows the role of the father in a child’s life is indispensable.
As a result, Child Survival Program (CSP) fathers in Ethiopia are
 more involved in caregiving and emotional support. Fathers are
beginning to help wash their babies,
take them to activities at the church, and participate in program activities.
They contribute to their children’s well-being through their
own loving presence. They maintain a healthy relationship
 with the child, providing emotional
 and financial support.

Whether walking into a coffee shop or walking down a dirt road to a
child development center, fathers can use their powerful influence to change the life of a child.
These men and babies will change the face of their country.
I left the shop that morning with more than a great cup of coffee.
I left with a reminder to pray for fathers and their crucial role in the lives of their children.
The next time you grab a powdered-sugar donut, say a prayer for fathers and their continued
presence in our African CSP programs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One of the Non-Profit Groups We Support! Children's HopeChest

Life With Orphans and the Poor in Pictures

Wednesday March 2, 2011

Many people ask what kind of specific projects we do as a ministry on the ground. I thought the best way to talk about HopeChest projects would be to put together a picture vignette.

Please click on this Flikr link to see the pictures and descriptions. You'll see kids, churches we've built, wells we've dug, solar pumps, and food projects. Then if you wouldn't mind, please leave a few comments about the pictures and projects. This is also in correlation with my Global Missions Leadership Doctorate at George Fox University about my ministry context. 


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Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ Nighty Night ~

Welcome to The Hotel Pillow Company!  This is my new venture....providing cozy goose down and down alternative pillows and comforters to all the weary lads and lasses of this world! How can this be "blog worthy"?  Well, I plan to share LOTS of information about our luxurious products.  I plan to show you LOTS of pictures and provide you with LOTS of links so you can really be educated on the benefits of choosing the perfect pillow or comforter for your needs.  More importantly, though, I will be sharing LOTS of useful quips and tips regarding the well-being of YOU and of your LOVED ONES!  I will share stress-relievers, positive thoughts, encouragement and motivational ideas to cheer you up and help you to press on through your days and relax well during your nights!  I plan to introduce you to some amazing non-profit organizations who help children and young women to escape devastating circumstances. I will tell you about items you can purchase where we donate the profits to help these causes.  I will also have some drawings for free items because we all know it's fun to WIN something sometimes!  I hope you enjoy my newest blog.  Just picture yourself all wrapped up in a thick, soft, squishy down blanket.  Picture yourself laying your lovely head on a cloud-white pillow.  You sigh with bliss.  Sweet dreams, my friend.  "Nighty Night" 
~Debbie Long~
CEO, The Hotel Pillow Company