Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillow Talk: My FAVORITE Pillows...Hand Blown Down! 50/50 Striped Damask Hotel Pillow Company Signature Luxury Down...Want One?

Rustic Ridge® Signature 50/50 Pillow

This pillow is filled with our Hotel Pillow Company Signature Blend of premium Siberian down and feathers, hand blown into an inner liner and then covered with a 280
thread count down proof cover. The premium down gives this pillow a high loft and it will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. This is the best down and feather pillow for support, giving you more support than our 100% down pillows. Price includes free pillow protector!

*This pillow is Made in the USA! :)

What is The Hotel Pillow Company Blended Down?
This is an exclusive blend of down.  We take European Goose and Duck Down and blend it with Grey Goose Down from the Pyrenees Mountain region in France.  This is a very fine down (lightweight) with superior lofting (fill) power.  We consider this blend of down one of the finest in the world!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pillow Talk: Feathers vs. Down.....Do YOU know the difference???

What is the difference between feathers and down?

Feathers on geese or ducks is the covering of the skin that makes up the protection and decorative plumage.  It repels water and makes it possible for them to fly.

Down is under the feathers and looks like tiny cotton balls.  It has a round center called plumage, with thousands of tiny fibers radiating from its core.  These fibers link to other down plumules, trapping heat and air, which provides the insulation that keeps the ducks and geese warm.

Feathers keep them dry!  Down keeps them warm!