Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knock Knock! Who's There? Boo! Boo Who? Baby Boo, That's Who!!!

Babies are quite a miracle!  They make the world go 'round, in fact!  What would we do without them? Where would we be?  

Some say spring is the time for babies.  Just look around you.  Baby animals and birds of all sorts are entering the world as the sun shines brightly and as the flowers spring forth.  

Baby humans are especially endearing.  We admire the cute baby faces, smile at the cute baby smiles, smell the sweet baby hair.  It's a fleeting thing...being a baby...or having one to hold.  

We are excited to have our first baby item, the Baby Boo Comforter.  This comforter is made with hypoallergenic, double-twisted polyester...550 fill power... for a nice high loft within the baffle box construction.  The fabric ticking is 230 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton.  We believe in saving time so this cozy comforter is stain and moisture resistant and is machine washable! We include a free cover with purchase as well!  

This is the perfect gift to give to anyone celebrating the birth or adoption of a new baby or toddler! 
We all like to wrap up, feel cozy, nap, and dream.  What a perfect blanket to use! 

Click our link below to find this in our store!  
Nighty night!

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  1. I love sleeping like a baby. Although this may not help that...it would be perfect for my cats!