Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ Nighty Night ~

Welcome to The Hotel Pillow Company!  This is my new venture....providing cozy goose down and down alternative pillows and comforters to all the weary lads and lasses of this world! How can this be "blog worthy"?  Well, I plan to share LOTS of information about our luxurious products.  I plan to show you LOTS of pictures and provide you with LOTS of links so you can really be educated on the benefits of choosing the perfect pillow or comforter for your needs.  More importantly, though, I will be sharing LOTS of useful quips and tips regarding the well-being of YOU and of your LOVED ONES!  I will share stress-relievers, positive thoughts, encouragement and motivational ideas to cheer you up and help you to press on through your days and relax well during your nights!  I plan to introduce you to some amazing non-profit organizations who help children and young women to escape devastating circumstances. I will tell you about items you can purchase where we donate the profits to help these causes.  I will also have some drawings for free items because we all know it's fun to WIN something sometimes!  I hope you enjoy my newest blog.  Just picture yourself all wrapped up in a thick, soft, squishy down blanket.  Picture yourself laying your lovely head on a cloud-white pillow.  You sigh with bliss.  Sweet dreams, my friend.  "Nighty Night" 
~Debbie Long~
CEO, The Hotel Pillow Company

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